Shopper Adventure 3081

Shopper Adventure 3081

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This bag will accompany you due to its robust nylon material always in any situation. Nylon can be well creased by its high elasticity, without subsequently show wrinkles. The material is also relatively robust against water and dirt. In addition to the internal storage space, you will also find a way to store your personal belongings on the outside of the bag and secure it with a zipper. Inside the bag conceal 2 zippered compartments: a small side-mounted storage compartment, for example, your smartphone and one in the middle by the divider pocket, which divides the storage space into two more.

  • lining: polyester
  • material: Nylon
  • material composition: 100% Nylon
  • fastener: zipper
  • width: 45
  • hight: 34
  • length: 30
  • PICARD Lederwaren- Handcrafted. And with Love.

• Material: Nylon
• Verschluss: Reißverschluss
• Höhe: 34 cm
• Länge: 45 cm
• Breite: 12 cm

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