95 years PICARD

How a small craftsman's business became a globally successful company.


1928 was the year in which Martin Picard and his sons Alois and Edmund switched from being saddlers to fine bag makers. The expertise in leather was there. PICARD leather goods was born. Carriages were passé, cars and leather goods were the future. Why bags in particular? Bags fascinate people. Women and men need them every day and preferably in good quality. Edmund transported the first sample collections by bicycle to the leather town of Offenbach to get orders. A car was still too expensive at that time.

In 1935, the first series production of PICARD bags began with 100 employees. Because Alois and Edmund did not want to become part of the Nazi apparatus, PICARD almost had to close down in the turmoil of the Second World War. It was only when Alois and Edmund returned from war captivity that things started to move forward again for PICARD.

In 1949, construction began on a new and modern factory in Obertshausen near Frankfurt am Main. Time to finally dare to do something new.

In 1976, Thomas Picard joined the management team and a new factory was established in Tunisia.

1982 - We are one of the first manufacturers to emboss our PICARD brand lettering on our bags. 

In 1995, another factory was added in Bangladesh, followed in 2011 by the factory in Ukraine specialising in leather and small leather goods. From the very beginning, we have supported the development of disadvantaged regions on site and attach great importance to fairness towards all those involved. Whether in the form of fair payment, the highest production and safety standards or further training opportunities. To this day, the Picard family invests not only in a company kindergarten in Bangladesh, but also in a school. Mehr dazu könnt Ihr hier nachlesen: https://picard-fashion.com/pages/unsere-soziale-verantwortung

Since 2008, PICARD has also been committed to the production location in Germany. PICARD is one of the few companies that still produces itself with a small manufactory. Of course, this also includes training. Why do we train? The know-how of traditional craftsmanship would otherwise be lost. The future always needs origins, that's the only way we can continue to develop. The technology has also evolved over the years. In 2011, our online shop was launched for the first time. Gradually, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube followed.

How do you make it to 95? PICARD is made up of many great people! On the one hand, those who are part of the Picard Family, such as our loyal and passionate employees, and on the other hand, our customers, suppliers and service providers who hold us in high esteem. Likewise, the thinking and doing that has developed from tradition and continues to move successfully into the future through revolutionary steps. No design is made by us for us, but for our customers. We listen to them carefully. In the end, happy customers are those who wear our products with pleasure and a clear conscience.

We are looking forward to celebrating the 100th birthday and many more together with you.

A big thank you to everyone who has accompanied us. Everyone is a piece of PICARD.

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