Backpack Buddy 4636

Backpack Buddy 4636

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The premium business accessory, which is stylish, masculine, elegant and high-tech in one? This backpack from the Buddy series has understood what men want and need nowadays: A cool look, the best quality finish and excellent handling. Oiled buffalo leather, professional features in the generous interior and contemporary. Last but not least, the USB port for powerbank and smartphones for endless power backup.

  • PICARD Lederwaren- Handcrafted. And with Love.
  • Hohe Qualität (5)

• Material: Büffelleder
• Verschluss: Reißverschluss
• Höhe: 41 cm
• Länge: 29 cm
• Breite: 10 cm
• Volumen: 12 L

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