Shopper Sonja 2794

Shopper Sonja 2794

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A handbag which you don't have to touch wearing velvet gloves? For all those looking for a shopper which can be taken anywhere and yet which also looks highly fashionable, this example from the Sonja line should be perfect. Robust fine nylon and a sporty leather look makes this shopper a well-designed yet pretty accessory!

  • Your favourite shopping companion
  • premium synthetic
  • closable with zipper, two carrying handles
  • PICARD Lederwaren- Handcrafted. And with Love.
  • 27x38x16cm

• Material: Nylon
• Verschluss: Reißverschluss
• Höhe: 27 cm
• Länge: 38 cm
• Breite: 15,5 cm
• Volumen: 16 L

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